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My take on the new revolutionary National Education Policy and my concerns about it
·6 mins
Mayukh Datta
Opinion India
India’s education policy got a long awaited update after three decades. The 2020 National Education Policy, NEP, has some of the much needed changes, which makes it the third major education policy update since independence.


Why you should care about politics?
·9 mins
Mayukh Datta
Most of us don’t pay heed to posters and messages asking for donations. The moment we read the ‘donate’, we tend to run away. The word ‘politics’ faces the same negligence.
How popular is divide and conquer?
·7 mins
Mayukh Datta
Opinion Technical
Divide and conquer strategy is as popular as the Taj Mahal is in India. It’s a very powerful strategy and is extensively used by elite people and political leaders to control masses in such a way that the common people don’t unite and rebel against them.


Don’t force Nature to prove her phenomenal superiority.
·3 mins
Mayukh Datta
Have you ever cared about littering a garden or a park, whose limitless green beauty sets up a perfect atmosphere for you and your other half? Have you ever cared about cutting down trees, demolishing forest areas to give birth to skyscrapers and factories?